Pablo Escobar tour Medellin

Private transportation, guidance. PRICES ARE REFERENCED IN USD

Booking available at least 12 hours in advance
Availability: 9:00 a.m. or 10:00

Estimated length: 4 hours.



Our Pablo Escobar tour focuses on discussing different points of view around Pablo and the problems related to drug trafficking.

Our purpose is to discuss about this scourge and its impact in our country and the process Medellín has gone through in order to become a more developed and safer city.

For many years the city and its people have been stigmatized by the violence and drug trafficking, with this we intend to explain the why the country has had armed actors and people like Pablo Escobar, who are finally the reflection of our cultures, society and its dynamics.

The goal is that tourists get to know the causes of this negative blip in the history of our country, the effect this has brought to our society and the process Medellin went through in order to become a city with better standards of living.

Over 46 thousand deaths attributed to the war related to drug lords and cartels.

We do not glorify him, we seek to understand the whole context of the time.

What can I expect from the Pablo Escobar tour?

In short, from the place where you are staying, we go to:

  • The graveyard
  • The house and rooftop where he died 
  • The memorial park (formerly the Mónaco building, his mansion)
  • The neighborhood the built in the early 80’s, with insights of people who live there 
  • As optional, you can combine the tour with comuna 13

Apart from doing tours in Medellín, we strongly believe in education and change, and this is a space to go over many decades that left a bad legacy for Colombia, many people who somehow, were influenced by Pablo Escobar and of course, many victims.

It is not a narcotour but 3 decades of history.

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