Private Comuna 13 tour

Transportation, cable car (Metrocable) tickets, ice cream, insurance.
Availability: 9:00 a.m or 1:45 p.m.

Cancellation without charge as long as you do it 24 hours before the activity

Booking available at least 12 HOURS IN ADVANCE



Beyond the numbers and the grief of victims, Comuna 13 went through complex events: from the state’s abandonment to the incursion of the army.

Nowadays, the people who inhabit this district are example of strength and resilience. The city hall has implemented certain programs that have significantly improved living standards.

In Comuna 13 you will find stories, urban art and the best atmosphere, which endorse the concept of innovation and social inclusion that feature the city.

¿Why is it important for both locals and tourists?

Likewise, the state has carried out certain projects that have improved the quality of life.

In district 13 you will find hence, stories that attest the resilience and strength of colombians.

From the place where you are staying, we take you in a private vehicle to:

  • The cable car in Comuna 13
  • The escalators
  • The area where you can explore stunning graffities and urban art
¿ What can you expect from this tour?

Until 2010, in this complex of 20+ neighborhoods, there would be one death every 1,5 days. Behind the military operations and the contrasts you encounter, we focus on tourist to get different points of view, understanding this as facts and something that may be useful in order serve as an example as well as to avoid the same mistakes in the future. As a team, we care about the impact that Comuna 13 may have. By doing this tour, we aim for the inclusion of people in the project, so they have a chance to confront and tell their stories, as well as  get a benefit from tourists. You will learn about the history of our country, in an objective way, you will discover the change of it.

Our goal is not just the tour and photos, but also to leave something for the community.

Come join us, this is a new way of tourism!

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