ATVs Medellin

Availability: 9:00 a.m. or 2:00 p.m.
The tour includes transportation, guiding and insurance


ATVs Medellin are the best opportunity to experience the adventure of riding across the tough terrains of these amazing villages.

You will be able to go deep into the mountains that feature our region. Also, you can explore amazing trails in the woods, appreciate the nature and the houses that surround this beautiful town. This is a great opportunity to explore the country in a different way, breathtaking landscapes, roads, nature and many features that make of Colombia, a unique and fascinating land.

The tour (as optional) offers a stop to fish your own lunch and have a break in the heart of Antioquia’s landscape.

¿What does the tour include?
  • 1.5 hour-ride along with a guide
  • Insurance
  • Transportation
  • Fishing 
  • Pick up and drop off
¿What else should I know?

This is an activity that involve risks, reason why you are accompanied by a guide who leads the ride. 

ATVs are designed for small groups, aiming to get away from the typical tourist plans.


We pick you up at your place and we will drive for about half an hour. Once we get to Guarne (the town where we do the activity), the staff will provide all the information and things you must know. We can stop to fish in a lake or just to take more pictures.

Feel free to text us through WhatsApp, we can arrange every detail for you.

Finally, we offer a package with horseback riding, paragliding or zipline with discount.

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