Night tour Medellin: the best view

Availability: monday to sunday 5:00 p.m. or 7:00 p.m.
The tour includes transportation, guiding and insurance.

Cancellation without charge as long as you do it 24 hours before de tour

Booking available at least 12 HOURS IN ADVANCE


Firstly, this is an alternative tour: El Picacho, is a natural park located in the northwest area of Medellín. It is part of a network of geographical accidents along the Aburrá valley that has an important historical, ecological and tourist value.

From this hill you have the privilege of admiring the whole valley from south to north. In addition, with a cloud-free atmosphere, you can drink a cup a coffee, chocolate or maybe a beer!

Over El Picacho hill, there are 46 species of birds. Therefore, this place presents a balanced combination between species associated with urban habitats, green zones and rural spaces.

Finally, you will get the best view of Medellín standing over 2.100 meters (6900 feet) above the see level.

Founded in 1616, selected in 2013 as the most innovative city in the world, Medellin is the heart of the Aburrá valley and the capital of Antioquia. For many years, it was a reference of violence; nowadays, it is city with one of the most efficient transportation systems, many cultural events ongoing and green areas.

The Ecopark El Picacho is a space that offers you an alternative tour in which you will be far from the typical tourist areas, from the lowest point, we take a 10 minute hike to the point where you see not only the city but the whole valley.

Likewise, we will take you to a nature reserve where you can contemplate a great mixture of urban and rural sights.

¿What does the tour include?
  • 25 minute hike (round trip)
  • Typical snacks
  • Beer or cup of coffee
  • Transportation
  • Guidance
  • Insurance
¿What else should I know?
  • Comfortable clothes (sneakers, and sweater)
  • The activity (with the ride) lasts at least 3 hours

This is a great chance to explore areas (in a sustainable way) )that are not known even for locals.

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